Deliberate lies spread about ALS for financial gain

"Lyme disease does not cause ALS"

Jeffrey D. Rothstein, "ALS is its own disease" stakeholder/gatekeeper told this lie in the Washington Post, during the 2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In the article he lied several times. He lied about neurologists using Lyme tests to rule out Lyme. As documented in our free ebook, neurologists admitted that in 4 out of 5 cases, they never do a test to rule out Lyme. Some neurologists always refuse a Lyme test our of (ideological) "principle". Others deliberately use a test with a 60% or higher false negative outcome, such as the ELISA. Mr. Rothstein also claimed that there is no such thing as chronic Lyme disease, because "ALS comes out of the blue", implying that Lyme Neuroborreliosis is not something that comes out of the blue, which is a preposterous assertion. And of course, we have overwhelmingly documented that Lyme can and does cause ALS at least in many dozens of cases. So he lied three times.

Rothstein likes to present himself as a "World Leading Expert" and a "Thought Leader" and he certainly is a powerful figure in the political arena denying a cure for ALS patients and benefiting from the research grants. He's a modern-day quack, one that got rich over the bodies of Lyme patients. He and others found a way to make money denying treatment to Lyme patients: Just call their symptoms ALS or MS or Alzheimer or Parkinsons and make money on symptom relievers, research grants, consultations, tests etc. Lyme has become a cottage industry of "ALS experts", "MS experts" and other "world leading experts in thought leading".


Rothstein, when confronted with the for him uncomfortable fact that IV Rocephin helps ALS patients (not spectacularly though, because it only penetrates the blood-brain barrier in the presence of acute inflammation which it cures in days, making it useless to treat the brain parenchyma) made up the story that Rocephin helps because "it protects the nerves against glutamate". Of 1000+ compounds tested, the only ones that have any efficacy against ALS are antibiotics, but he spins this to keep ALS "it's own disease" so he can keep being a "world thought leader" and draw a nice paycheck and avoid a class action lawsuit for malpractice. Mr. Rothstein's objective is that a cure for ALS arrive after he's retired, because he likes money. Dr. Rothstein is a world leader in exactly nothing. Dr. Rothstein has not contributed to a single extra day in the life of a single ALS patient, whereas we have saved the lives of an increasing number of ALS-misdiagnosed Lyme patients by proving that they may very well have Lyme instead of "ALS".

"Not everyone who contracts Lyme disease develops ALS, in fact not very many. Not very many PALS have Lyme disease. My husband did not have Lyme disease, not by any symptoms, and all blood work for Lyme was negative.

So, whilst your suspicions may be correct, and the Lyme infection may have triggered ALS in your brother, it can't be taken for a leap across the chasm to then state that Lyme causes ALS."


"Neurologists keep believing that Lyme has nothing to do with ALS, and I keep believing those neurologists because I agree with the neurologists that a test that has 60% false negative results is accurate and I also agree that when an ALS patient has both ALS and Lyme, that the Lyme is irrelevant to the ALS. Also, the realization that a little due dilligence might have been able to save my husband is too much to bear so I choose to disbelieve the facts and rather believe an authority figure."

"I choose to ignore the fact that Lyme tests are extremely unreliable with a huge percentage of false negatives, and I choose to ignore the research that shows that Lyme bacteria have been found in (human as well as animal) saliva, tears, semen and even mosquitoes and that the majority of people bitten by ticks never notice the bite because their nymphs are hardly visible with the naked eye and the majority of bites do not produce an EM rash."

"It is unlikely that shooting bullets at a person can cause this person to die, because there are lots of people that got hit by a bullet and they survived".




"Lots of people with ALS took antibiotics for ear infections etc. and they neither improved nor got worse, so antibiotics have no effect."


"I am the biggest pharmacology- and biology expert in the world and medical science got it all wrong. All those ALS patients that improved on antibiotics are delusional liars. I can tell you that there is no such thing as a blood-brain barrier and a difference between antibiotics that pass it and those that do not. Neither is treatment dose or duration relevant. Trust me."

Note how even Mr. Rothstein, the self-declared "worldwide thought leader and ALS expert" concedes that antibiotics work against ALS.


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