Lou Gehrig had a house in Lyme

Lou Gehrig, the world's first ALS patient (ALS is often called "Lou Gehrig's Disease" in the US) owned a holiday home in Lyme, Connecticut where he spent a lot of time gardening over the years. This means that the world's first diagnosed ALS patient spent a lot of time outdoors in the biggest Lyme hotspot on Earth at the time - the town with the world's first diagnosed Lyme cases.

Lou Gehrig's house

(This photo is of his house in the Bronx though. So far, we have been unable to independently verify this extremely important claim.)

Lou was diagnosed with ALS in 1939. Lyme disease was discovered in Lyme, Connecticut in 1975, but only after a long history of illness in that area.

We are trying to locate an original source. If anyone knows of one, please email sarah@owndoc.com. If Lou Gehrig really spent a lot of time outdoors in Lyme, Connecticut, this would be too much "coincidence", given the strong evidence for the case that ALS is a symptom of Lyme Neuroborreliosis and not a disease in its own right.

We already searched some of his biographies in Google Books.

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There is an earlier, independent mention of the same claim:



We found an even earlier reference to Lou Gehrig's Lyme, Ct. holiday home from a third forum poster:



A note on bioweapons allegations: It is true that after WW2, the US "invited" Nazi scientists to develop biological weapons based on tick-borne illnesses. This research was done on Plum Island, south of Lyme, Connecticut. We do not think that an alleged accidental release of Lyme-bioweapon agents there has anything to do with the global spread of Lyme disease. We do think however that the fact that the US was producing Lyme-based biological weapons so close to Lyme, Ct. could be a factor in the reluctance of government (affiliated) institutions to recognize the existence and severity of chronic Lyme disease.

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1.  Joanne Drayson    Saturday, August 9, 2014

On July 13, 1934, Gehrig suffered a "lumbago attack" and had to be assisted off the field. In the next day's away game, he was listed in the lineup as "shortstop", batting lead-off. In his first and only plate appearance, he singled and was promptly replaced by a pinch runner to rest his throbbing back, never taking the field.A&E's Biography speculated that this illness, which he also described as "a cold in his back", might have been the first symptom of his debilitating disease.[38]

In addition, X-rays taken late in his life disclosed that Gehrig had sustained several fractures during his playing career, although he remained in the lineup despite those previously undisclosed injuries.[39] On the other hand, the streak was helped when Yankees general manager Ed Barrow postponed a game as a rainout on a day when Gehrig was sick with the flu—even though it was not raining.[40]


2.  Kim D. Clark    Saturday, July 18, 2015

Have you read the book Lab 257? May give you more onsite on the connection. Lots of names mentioned.

3.  Liz    Friday, August 5, 2016

I am so glad to find this article. I found it because I have reason to believe that my father died from Lyme disease in 2009 even though his death record states ALS.
First let me say that I became extremely ill with severe neurological symptoms in May 2016. Upon being rushed to and admitted into an ER one night, I was instantly blessed and I mean, blessed, to be met by a doctor who had enough education about Lyme to believe that I had it and he began treatment immediately. Many of you know that it's very rare that anyone with Lyme get diagnosed properly and that it can take many many years to finally find the doctor who figures it out. I am still very sick and many times truly believed that I was going to die. One morning I decided to get up after being bed-ridden for weeks, I sat as a zombie at my computer- wanting to read news, shop or research but I was simply too exhausted to lift my hands and place them on the keyboard. My brain was too exhausted to 'think'. Suddenly, I was inspired to listen to music by Judy Collins. Why???? I have no idea!! I managed to open up YouTube and type her name. The first video that popped up was a song called, ' My Father' and I clicked on it. I had never even heard of this song and I can't begin to describe the depth of emotion that struck me. As I listened to the lyrics, I realized that my father was sending me a message and I sobbed and sobbed and cried out for him to help me. I then remembered a letter he had written to my mother in the late 70's describing strange neurological problems he was having. My parents were divorced at the time and I sadly didn't see my father but only a few times after that. Anyway, I still have that letter and I read it again and again. His symptoms were very indicative of the same neuro symptoms that I've been having for two years.
In 1995, my father suffered a bad heart attack. He was relatively young in his fifties. The doctors performed a quad bypass and gave him Statin medications. Many of you may know how dangerous Statins are and how they can surely contribute to severe decline in a Lyme patient's health. Statins have also been linked to the onset of ALS. I won't bother to explain the biological reasons why that is true because you can research that yourself but I believe without a doubt that the statins led to his rapid neurological decline. He was diagnosed with ALS only a few years after his heart attack. My Lyme disease has affected my heart as well as my vascular system and my neurological system and I believe that my father has been 'warning' me from the other side. I've been having symptoms for over two years. He and I are both scientists and he always taught me to question everything. I've also discovered that many patients with neuro diseases that were autopsied had Lyme spirochetes in their organs.
As others have mentioned, ALS became a 'disease' and nicknamed Lou Gehrig's disease only because LG was the first to exhibit the symptoms. There's no doubt in my mind that he had Lyme and perhaps other coinfections. Of course I can't prove my theory but I do trust my educated intuition in this matter. I wonder if anyone did an autopsy on LG? Surely they did??? given his disease???

4.  Matt S    Friday, September 9, 2016

Before Lou Gehrig died, he wrote to his wife that he believed his disease "was probably cause by some GERM." (https://books.google.com/bo...

Could this "germ" have been borrelia burgdorferi?

5.  GMD    Monday, December 26, 2016

I also think Lou Gehrig had Lyme disease. He said he thought his illness was caused by a germ. We victims kind of know more than the doctors. One definitions I call evil cruel establishment medicine, pigeon-hole medicine. If you don't fit into one of the pigeon holes they learned in medical school, then you are either a hypochondriac, or your disease doesn't exist, or they label you with something defined in their pigeon holes. You are almost lucky if you get pigeon-holed because then at least you don't get called a hypochondriac or cray. Lyme is so horrific and so extremely cruel, as cruel as establishment medicine. Maybe you won't be as medically abused as "Lyme" victims.

6.  Lay may    Friday, January 13, 2017

I wrote this about Lou Gehrig's house in Lyme years ago to the Lyme community.Plum is a bird sanctuary and major stopover point for birds....If one looks up incidence rates they are off the charts for Plum and all areas around PLUM,and include the confections...Then if one follows the birds they go to Monmouth Cty,NJ and here we find high rates of infection,then we see Block and it is nearby and rates there are off the charts....All markers point to the 'bulls eye'....That is PLUM! Let us not forget Traub and the year he died and the year this infection broke. Both around 1975!!!!!!!

7.  Kayjay    Friday, January 13, 2017

I wrote that Lyme thing and ALS to the lyme community years ago about Lou Gehrig and his hoOuse in Lyme ct.to add.LD came out of the Plum is. Facility and the proof is the incidence rate in that area and the spread from there from the BIRDS,as Plum is a major avian stopover point. We also know that the lab had Traub, the WWII top researcher of tick born diseases...it is a No brainier.The disease moved from there's quick.y and spread like wildfire across the US. Via the BIRDS! Then moved inland and up into the out reaches of the states.Tis is BIO TERRORISM. Period.

8.  Kayjay    Friday, January 13, 2017

Wrote twice,sorry...

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