Antibiotics often work against ALS - in spite of medical trials denying it

It is rare to find reports in medical literature of cases of Borreliosis-related cases of motor neuron disease that cleared up with antibiotics, but they do exist: [1] Anecdotal evidence abounds however:

"I have to chime in here, my brother was progressing inexorably, got on Ceftriaxone, and his progression slowed dramatically...I'm convinced my brother would have been dead today if he wouldn't have started Ceftriaxone."

"My mother has been treated with various antibiotics since December because of infections/Pneumonia. What can I say? Her fasciculations have disappeared completely. My mum can move her left leg again, which was impossible before. Of course, this is sporadic and especially a Placebo effect, you will say, though my mum has never even heard about anything that has to do with antibiotics and a possible positive effect in ALS."

"I was ALS diagnosed with ALS a few months ago but have been on Ceftriaxone and am feeling much better. I've regained strength in my legs, swallowing has much improved but the muscle atrophy in my shoulders is about the same. Does this mean I don't have ALS?"!-page2.html#vmessage12705

"I saw a total of 12 doctors before someone decided to treat me for Lyme disease and he tested me twice and it came back negative twice, but he was forward thinking enough to start me on the antibiotics anyway. I have been on antibiotics for three weeks now and I am 90% back to normal. I THANK GOD above that this has worked for me. Getting a diagnosis of ALS is devastating."

"My husband was diagnosed 6/07. He has been confined to bed and wheelchair for over a year now. He can no longer speak or swallow. He has been on feeding tube since June 2009. He lost use of his arms/hands, he can move his legs but cannot stand. He also was ALS diagnosed with Lyme disease and is being treated for it also. He had improvement on IV Rocephin but when he was taken off it because of improvement he went downhill fast."

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