David Martz, the doctor who cured his ALS

Dr. David Martz refused to accept his ALS diagnosis so he researched the "disease" and decided he wanted to get tested for Lyme. He tested negative on a whole range of Lyme tests, until he got the idea of taking some antibiotics first (oral Doxycycline, resulting in an "antibiotic-provoked" Lyme tests where the antibiotics cause dead bacteria fragments to enter the bloodstream, causing an immune response with antibodies). His next Lyme test was positive.

He then proceeded to take a high dose of intravenous antibiotics for several months. Nothing happened. He did not improve at all.

He then researched Lyme treatment and came to the conclusion that he needed to double the dose, which he did. After that he improved tremendously:

Dr. Martz mentions trials with antibiotics where very large percentages of ALS patients improved or stabilized. Please note that the above details are from an explanation written by Dr. Martz years ago. The speech in the video gives a more simplified version of events.

When you have ALS and you decide you want to pursue the Lyme-angle, beware of incompetent doctors. You'll be given Lyme tests that are designed to be worthless (patents prevent test companies using the most relevant bands, etc.), you will be prescribed inadequate doses of antibiotics that can not penetrate the blood-brain barrier anyway, you will be told that worsening symptoms means the antibiotics do not work or that you are "allergic" to them, etc.

Dr. Martz was faced with many negative tests and intravenous antibiotics that did not work. The average ALS patient depends on their doctor and this situation would be a death sentence. But David Martz is a medical doctor himself, could prescribe himself any tests and any treatment, he persisted and he is alive today. All ALS patients can do to self-treat and survive is lifelong highly-dosed Doxycycline (approx. 600 mg/day).

Neurologists worldwide are desperate to prevent the truth to come out. Sporadic ALS is Lyme disease or at least a neurospirochetosis. The evidence has been available for decades. This means they should be going to jail for gross, profit- and laziness-inspired medical malpractice. They should be at the very least turned into pariahs for their incompentence, cowardice and complacency and a new generation of more independent specialists should take over. But the way "healthcare" is organized, this may never happen.


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